"When I was experiencing some emotional distress, I looked for a therapist that understood narcissistic abuse and I came across Kim's details. I was so lucky to find her, as I ended up remembering a lot about my childhood that I had pushed down. Her warmth and humour helped me through the toughest period of my life, and her room was a safe haven and refuge for me. Her knowledge of all different types of therapy meant that she could find what works best for me, and also meant that I could discover and embrace the real me underneath all the trauma. Kim offers real practical ways of thinking, but delivered in a way that is never judgemental or pushy. When I look at how much I have grown and how much calm has been restored to my life after working with Kim, I'm astounded. I've also laughed as much as I've cried as she just so happens to be fabulously funny! I'm so grateful to have had her on my side throughout the darkest time of my life, she really has changed my life for the better, and her words will stay with me forever."

A from Berkshire 

I would like to express my gratitude for my positive experience with Kim. She is not only friendly and easy to talk to, but she helped me through some challenging times and long-term emotional issues without any judgment. 
I felt we were able to have a connection immediately and her non-judgmental attitude made it easier for me to open up during our sessions. Kim's support was invaluable, guiding me through difficult periods and offering practical tools and excellent insight. As a result, I now feel much more equipped to handle life's challenges.  
If I ever need therapy again, I would not hesitate to reach out to her. I highly recommend Kim to anyone seeking a supportive and understanding therapist. 

Q from Berkshire

I sought counselling due to my parents both becoming ill with dementia and recognising possible narcissistic behaviour from my siblings. Not only finding it difficult coping with my parents illness and care, my brother and sister suddenly completely excluded me and took over our parents welfare and finances. I felt rejected, lost and found the whole situation stressful and challenging. Luckily I found Kim online. She has a great knowledge of narcissistic behaviour and she helped me understand how people with these personality traits operate and the techniques they use. I have come away from our sessions with peace of mind and confidence. I’m not crazy, I’m an equal and I have a voice. Thank you Kim.

C from Berkshire 

I started working with Kim during a period of turmoil and change in my life and following a recent bereavement. She responded quickly to my initial enquiry and instantly understood my anxieties. I felt at ease with Kim from the outset. Over my weeks of therapy I was able to explore my own responses to the challenging issues in my life and learn a number of coping mechanisms as well as objectively understanding my emotional responses and having more confidence the choices I needed to make. With her help I am much more able to calmly articulate and assess what I want and need from my close relationships, family & friends and also am way more reflective as a result of her support – and sometimes tough and direct feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kim – I will certainly re-connect with her in challenging times !

M from Berkshire 

My sessions with Kim have been invaluable to my recovery. When I first met her, I was struggling a lot with managing my BPD, as well as anxiety and uncertainty over how to progress forward with my life without relapsing. Not only did Kim offer a soothing and non-judgemental environment, our sessions helped me to overcome and manage a lot of my symptoms while teaching me crucial skills in assertiveness, self-help and compassion, grounding techniques, etc. Kim has always been very kind, patient, and adaptable with what I needed help with, and she believed in me even when I couldn’t believe in myself.

Once upon a time, I felt lost and stuck in a cycle of emptiness and hopelessness. Now, thanks to Kim, I’ve reconciled with my sense of self and for the first time in over ten years, I can say that I’m genuinely happy. Thank you for everything, Kim.

J from Buckinghamshire

From my work with Kim, I truly feel like I have a different outlook on life and a much better understanding of who I am, where I am and what I want from life. Kim has allowed me to open up to myself, address things I have hidden for so long and shown me a way to see the world from a different perspective.

I am so grateful for her friendly, relaxed approach which in each session created safe place to open up and talk about my vulnerabilities. Thank you Kim!

R from Berkshire

"The best thing I have done in the last 20 years was to email Kim and ask her whether she would be able to see me. At the time I was struggling knowing who I was, why I was unhappy and had no starting place as to how to change my low esteem and low self-worth. Default strategies from my childhood had impacted my daily life together with a significant event that had happened which I had never dealt with. I have always found it difficult to have the focus on myself so facing a therapist and being in the hot seat was terrifying. From Day 1 Kim was amazing, her ability to mix empathy, straight talking reasoning, rationale and explanation with laughter was brilliant. I began to understand the whys and wherefores and learn how to start initiating a change in my learnt behaviour and over the months began to discover me as a person and how to talk, describe, learn and grow. With Kim’s support I was able to tackle a personal trauma that was a wound that had to be opened to allow it to begin to heal. Kim is a truly talented therapist and I cannot thank her enough for all her care, wisdom, understanding, support, empathy and of course laughter."

J from Berkshire 

I phoned Kim an anxious mess, we briefly spoke of my issues and after an initial "get to know", I felt more than comfortable to commit to sessions once weekly. Throughout my 10 week course if you like, I was provided with the tools to challenge my destructive thoughts and was able to express my inner most anxieties in a place where I felt I was listened to without judgement. Though not "cured" I now have the confidence to know that my fears won't get the better of me and interfere with my growth as a person, thanks again Kim.

J from Buckinghamshire 

‘Kim has been seeing me for a few months, I started out feeling lost, broken, no self-esteem and very much in my own head all the time, which was making me so unhappy. I now feel confident, capable, able to make decisions and secure in my own abilities. I’m not entirely sure what witchery she used but with her kindness, humour and straightforward thinking, I am leaving her with the tools to continue my journey and after what seems like a long time, I am actually excited about my future endeavours. Thank you so much!’

K from Berkshire 

"Kim is compassionate, understanding and insightful. We worked together for 2 years covering a number of issues such as family, relationships and sexuality and Kim made me feel seen and accepted throughout. Kim really helped me to figure out my boundaries, wants and needs and also encouraged me to drill into (and eventually change) my own unhelpful behaviours i.e. self harm, binge drinking, fighting, and was always supportive and non-judgemental. I am in a great place in my life now and this would not have been possible without her – I am sincerely thankful." 

B from Berkshire

"Kim’s effort and patience has helped me navigate my way through a particularly difficult episode in my life. Using the excellent advice I have received, I am now confident in working to manage my emotions and fully embrace what I call my “rebirth.”  Thank you, Kim".  

D from Berkshire 

"If you are wondering if you should contact Kim, stop wondering and please do it.  I know how hard it is to make that first call or send that email but I’m serious when I say that she will change your life. 

I came to Kim as someone deeply depressed, in mourning, drowning in fear and anger.  My grandfather had died a short while before our first session and a very significant and painful family secret had come out in the aftermath which changed my view of the previous fifteen years of my life.  At the same time my long-term relationship was failing, and my disordered eating was really sinking its teeth in.  All those things were eating away at me and it’s not hyperbole to say that I no longer recognised the person I was, the family I was in, or the world in general. I don’t share or trust easily (or I didn’t before Kim anyway!), but from session one Kim made me feel instantly welcome and cared for, and that translated into a feeling of safety I hadn’t felt in many, many moons. I don’t think I stopped crying from beginning to end of our first six or so sessions! 

In the end, we have worked together for several years.  I went through at least four different grieving processes for various relationships and events.  I learned to recognise my strengths and apply them to different aspects of what I was going through.  I’ve always been stubborn and at times I really struggled to accept the things I was finally acknowledging about myself, but Kim was eternally patient with me.  When I started, I was distressed and had no idea what I wanted or needed. Now I have a better understanding of myself and the work I still want to do on myself. I’m not fixed – no therapist ‘fixes’ you, the word doesn’t apply to therapy – but I’m no longer mired in depression and whilst I know I have to keep working on myself, the peace I’ve found has been profound.  

As I move on, I’m thinking over everything I’ve accomplished since working with her and as I said at the beginning, she has changed my life. I cannot express enough how much Kim’s therapy has given me and I am forever grateful". 

R from Berkshire

"If you are looking for a therapist I recommend  Kim Philbey. I have difficulties with depression, anxiety and PTSD all made worse by the pandemic. Before I met Kim in August 2021 I felt stuck and couldn’t see a way forward. Now after 5 months of therapy with Kim Philbey I am in a much better place, feel more confident and am making plans for the future."

J from Berkshire

‘I came across Kim online just over a year ago when I was in a very bad place, and now we have just wrapped up our sessions. I have been able to grow an unbelievable amount and a large reason for that was her incredible support. I genuinely looked forward to each of our sessions together, however hard they ended up being, and found something deeply meaningful every time. She has a cracking sense of humour which added a lightness to our sessions in the times I needed it, and made me feel comfortable to speak my mind and be myself. There are not words to express how much I appreciated having her presence in my life, and how much good it has done for me. I feel like I can be a better person for myself and for everyone around me now, and so much of that has come from my work with Kim.’

M from Berkshire

I found Kim online when I was really struggling. I was in the throes of coming out of a relationship and felt devastated and broken. As soon as I saw Kim's photo and read about her vast wealth of experience, I knew that she was the therapist for me. And my instinct was spot on. During this past year Kim has guided me through life - supporting me with her calm, kind demeanour and gently offering expert guidance and insights. This lady has really lived, and you can tell her absolutely anything. She has a wonderful sense of humour, and I laughed and cried in equal measure in the safety of her beautiful workspace. I'm now 'going it alone', armed with all the skills and knowledge that Kim has given me. I cannot recommend Kim highly enough. She is a truly incredible person, and a gifted therapist. One of the very best.

C from Berkshire 

"Thank you so much for supporting me on my journey of self-healing. You have given me hope and helped me think outside of the box I was living in. I am excited for the new chapter in my life and can’t thank you enough for helping me find the keys to unlocking those doors.Thank you for everything"

 K - Berkshire :)

“Kim’s therapy method has been clearer cut than other counselling sessions I had before. It was more direct, and helped me look at my boundaries, and work with shadow and persona work.

Kim helped me to understand more about how reality actually sits with me. We discussed the chaos I was experiencing in my work, my mind set, and how I felt traumatised each time I went to work. I have since left that position. 

I have been able to find and attract a man to accept me, the way Kim accepted me, and then I was able to accept and love myself, in all my personality sides.

I think it would have taken a way longer battle for me to be able to get unstuck from the dark night of the soul I was living in, before I came to sit in your armchair.

Thank you very much for accompanying me over a bridge I did not see myself being able to cross, if it wasn't for you.

The journey has just begun for me and I am enjoying every step of the way”. 

D from Dorset.

"I first came to Kim as a lost, confused, unhappy person. I wanted to understand some of my behaviours, childhood experiences and relationships with friends and family. A very warm person, Kim has such a calming sense about her; not to mention a cosy and inviting office! You'll probably end up crying as soon as you sit down. In a good way. She's helped me understand who I am, why I am and how to accept myself. I can't thank you enough, and if I ever feel the need again... i'll be straight back!" 

R from Berkshire

"I found Kim after researching councillors with personal experience of narcissistic behaviour, which are rare beasts indeed. My life had been negatively influenced by a Father who exhibits narcissistic behaviour towards me. As a middle-aged, successful adult, I still felt like a disappointing child around him. Kim listened and took me through the steps of re-thinking my relationship with him. The effects have been nothing short of a revelation for me. I now have boundaries and communicate with my Father on my terms. More importantly, it has allowed me to re-evaluate so many things in my life which has brought me both peace and joy. I saw the benefits of working with Kim from the first sessions and we had cracked it within a few more! My advice to anyone who is thinking about speaking to Kim, is to feel the fear and do it anyway, its your first step to a new you"

C from Surrey

"I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to talk to Kim it’s helped me so much more than I ever expected. I can’t thank nor recommend Kim enough. She was not only extremely professional but made me feel comfortable and happy whilst talking about issues that previously, i didn’t feel I had the courage to. The sessions not only helped problems that I was looking to fix but also also helped me get a deeper understanding of myself "

A from Berkshire 

"The decision to contact Kim is one of the best I have ever made and I simply cannot recommend her highly enough. Working with her has enabled me to leave many years of depression behind me and a brighter, happier future ahead of me. Many thanks for all your help" 

N from Berkshire

"We were introduced to Kim by victims first after suffering from a brutal attack early in 2019. Kim truly has helped us to come to terms with what happened to us, helping us through the emotional rollercoaster journey which has included mental scars, multiple surgeries, a court case and the anger that comes as part and parcel with such a traumatic event. Our journey to normality is still in its early stages, however we now have the coping strategies to enable us to move forward. Thanks Kim for all your help and support."

N & R from Berkshire

"Thank you Kim for helping me to find energy from within. I've learned so much about myself in a short space of time. I know that changing a lifetime of behaviour may take a while, but I'm now better equipped to try. Our conversations were fun and easy and I very much appreciate the time you gave to me."

L from West Sussex 

"I went to Kim for help surrounding my anxiety and issues regarding the breakdown of my marriage. Kim helped me with dealing with these issues and was very professional. Kim was very welcoming and friendly, the atmosphere was very calming making me feel at ease during my sessions. I would definitely recommend her to people in the future."

A from Berkshire

"May I thank you for the most professional manner in which you have dealt with my recent loss of 'mojo'. Your considered counsel over the last six weeks has facilitated a revitalisation of my well being and I feel ready to fly solo."

R from Berkshire

"Kim was recommended to me when my son had died suddenly. I needed help as the shock and trauma had caused me to feel numb and detached and I was struggling to grieve. Kim expertly helped me to understand what I was experiencing, She helped me work through my many emotions and the
underlying reasons why I was reacting in this way. She listened patiently and sympathetically to me but at the same time guided me to understanding myself and what was happening. She has helped me get to the stage where I can feel myself once more and I am able to grieve. She is a true expert and professional and I do not hesitate to recommend her."

 L from Berkshire

"I developed anxieties late on in my life driven by modern stresses. Kim helped me understand where the root cause of my anxieties had come from and develop the tools to overcome them. She gave me a greater self awareness and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to regain personal control or improve themselves mentally."

B from Berkshire 

"I have just finished a few months of weekly therapy with Kim. I wanted to tackle/discuss/challenge some personality traits of mine, that I felt were holding me back and more importantly causing me unnecessary stress and anxiety. I found Kim’s approach absolutely spot on. She’s gentle and empathic whilst maintaining the ability to strongly challenge certain thought processes and really help me reflect and move forward.I’ve come away from the experience more confident, less anxious and a happier
person. I shall miss our weekly meetings but I’m also happy to move forward with a new, better approach and understand to my life."

F from Berkshire

"I was given Kim's details after ending up at the doctor's again for my low mood and anxiety based issues, I already had a diagnosis which I mostly understood, however I didn't really 'get' the Borderline Personality Disorder side of things. Kim helped me understand that part of my diagnosis. She helped me figure out what contributed to my personality disorder and also helped me make sense of the unhelpful emotions and thoughts that come with it. We discussed a lot of topics that I hadn't spoken about even though this wasn't my first time in therapy, and it was refreshing to know that Kim really understood where I was coming from. All I can say to Kim is thank you for helping me
understand myself better. I feel less anxious and when I can feel the anxiety or unhelpful emotions coming, I am far better equipped to deal with them before they become overwhelming. Thank you for making me feel validated in my thoughts and feelings and for the support through some really tough times in my life."

L from Berkshire

"I found Kim when I was in a real state of despair, I was unable to control my anger and my emotions were constantly up and down and I felt completely out of control. Working with Kim has changed my life. I can't put it any simpler than that. She is the first person to truly understand how BPD was affecting my life and it was the first time that Iwas able to really understand that I didn't have to carry on like this. She guided me through my emotions and how to ground myself if I felt the red fog was about to descend. She helped me to gain a level of self awareness and address some issues from the past that I hadn't even realised were impacting me in the present. Kim always described me as being high functioning in-spite of how BPD was impacting me, I often didn't feel it until I began working with Kim. I can not recommend Kim enough, whilst dealing with BPD is hard work, especially when you are in
the thick of it, Kim's experience in this area shines through and gave me so much hope and drive to get better. I can't thank her enough."

K from Berkshire.

"Kim, I can't tell you how much the work we did has helped me. It absolutely gave me the "pop" I needed and my mood has been greatly uplifted. You found my underlying issues so that I could examine them for myself and make great changes in my life, without your help this would not have
been possible. I would not hesitate turning to Kim in the future should I require help again in getting my life on track. I would be very happy to recommend you to others. Thanks for your help."

A from Berkshire.

"I was diagnosed with BPD about 2 years ago now, and felt like I was just given a diagnosis and just left to get on with it. BPD for me was a constant rollercoaster of emotions, paranoia and insecurity and I was really starting to struggle. I came across Kim online, and seeing that she specialised in BPD decided to get in touch. She responded to my original email quickly and I ended up seeing Kim the next evening for a consultation. Over the past 6 months I have seen Kim every week and the
change in me over such a short space of time is paramount. I am feeling confident, secure and a lot more positive. Kim has helped me to understand the root of my problems and why I react the way that I do. Kim has given me tools that I will continue to use on a daily basis, however, I know that if I ever need her help again; she’s only a call or email away. Thank you Kim for all of your help, you’re amazing at what you do!"

C from Berkshire

About Me

I have worked for Victims First in conjunction with the Police Force to assist victims of crime and abuse. 

I have worked as a visiting Psychotherapist to a Counselling and Psychotherapy charity in Marylebone – London.

I am a member of The Association for Business Psychology 6741

Kim Philbey


BSc (Hons) Reflective Therapeutic Practice - Middlesex University - London.

Dip.Couns.Metanoia : Post Graduate Clinical Diploma in Integrative Psychodynamic Counselling awarded from Metanoia Institute - Ealing London.

I have been educated in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the following institutions:

Regents University - London 

Metanoia Institute (Ealing) in association with Middlesex University

Anna Freud National Centre For Children And Families in Collaboration With UCL - London 

The Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education - London

For the past thirty years I have guided meditations, visualisation and relaxation sessions to both individuals and groups with an age range from early twenty's to retired citizens.Having worked closely with transgender men and woman, I have a vested interest in matters surrounding LGBTQ+. 

Having lived, and live in an ever changing world, I recognise the need for equality and acceptance on all sides of society.

In 2002 I took refuge in Tibetan Buddhism in London at Kagyu Samye Dzong London
(www.london.samye.org) and realised the peace and acceptance that can be found within Buddhist teachings and how mindfulness and empathy can be applied to both self reflection, and being with another person.

I have been fortunate to experience meditation training at Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery and Tibetan Centre in Scotland.

I have nineteen years combined experience working in the NHS, Social Services and Mencap.
Whilst in the NHS I worked within both a hospital ward and community for Occupational Therapy. In Social Services and Mencap I worked in a Key Worker role with adults with both physical and mental health issues in day-services and group home.

I have also worked in industry in a managerial and supervisory position, working across 16 countries through Europe, America, North America,Russia, PRC and the Far East.
The experience and learning gained during previous employment has been invaluable to me and has added to my appreciation of cultural diversity, belief systems and ways of being.

Tibetan Buddhism at Kagyu Samye Dzong London

During adult life I have searched for my truth and explored and belonged to various spiritual and meditation groups.

In my early twenty's I journeyed to Kathmandu, walked within the beauty of the forests and foothills, and meditated in Buddhist temples in the Kathmandu valley.

Whilst surrounded by the splendor and magnificence of Nepal, I realised that despite travelling thousands of miles from home I still carried my baggage.

So in those early days of studying and soul searching I learnt an inescapable truth; that I cannot escape myself, no matter where I go, and how much I try to ignore that which needs to be attended to.

It is with this realisation and interest in the human environment, that I practice Psychotherapy and Counselling.