Qualified Therapist

Do you want to address your problems with a qualified therapist?

We all deserve to have a safe space in which we can explore our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and experiences. By committing to therapy, you can talk about your life with a qualified therapist who can guide you through the process, and soon you can find a new way to live your life with more clarity and understanding.

Although therapy is something many people see as a last resort; the reality is that it can have a positive impact on your mental health wherever you currently are in your journey

By choosing Kim Philbey, you can benefit from her years of experience working as a trained and fully qualified therapist. Having experience in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Kim has worked with the NHS, Social Services and Mencap and is a WPA Health Care Insurance Approved Therapist.

Kim can work with a range of conditions such as narcissistic relationships, recovery, survival and living, depression, anxiety and loss. She is also able to guide and assist those who are struggling with borderline personality disorder (EUPD-emotionally unstable personality disorder). Having experienced it herself, she has an insight and understanding of this condition and can offer support and understanding wherever you are based in the world.

If you are ready to take the first step, you can reach out to Kim via the contact form or you can call her on 07885 437893.