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Are you trying to find a therapist in Berkshire that specialises in Borderline Personality Disorder?

Around 1 in 100 people live with Borderline Personality Disorder*, and whilst it can present itself in many ways, typically those suffering from it may find it incredibly hard to cope with strong emotions.

Being diagnosed with BPD/ EUPD may have left you feeling various emotions, but many people find that the diagnosis only leads to further confusion. If you want to understand this condition and learn how to manage it, Kim Philbey is here to help.

By spending time with Kim, you can understand your Borderline Personality Disorder

Having experienced it herself, she has had a lived experience of the borderline spectrum and a true understanding of the disorder and appreciates more than others just how much it can take over your life. With Kim by your side, you can make sense of the emotions and thoughts that come along with it, and gain clarity on your diagnosis so you can move forward.

Kim has worked with people that suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder across the world, and depending on time zone, she can arrange a Zoom appointment no matter where you are based.

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If you feel ready to discuss your Borderline Personality Disorder in confidence, call Kim on 07885 437893 or use the contact form and she’ll get back to you.

*Source- https://www.rethink.org/advice-and-information/about-mental-illness/learn-more-about-conditions/borderline-personality-disorder-bpd/#:~:text=Research%20shows%20that%20around%201,unstable%20personality%20disorder%20(EUPD).